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We select and screen independent companies through three management tiers:

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Local / State agency management primarily selects and conducts the initial screening of providers
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Regional Management reviews and screens providers recommended by the Local / State agency management
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Corporate / Executive Management reviews and provides final approval


FNF leaders across the country have diverse areas of expertise and bring a great deal of knowledge and resources to our agents daily. To contact by email, click on a photo.

FNF Story & History

FNF® is built on a foundation of trust with our agents. Your FNF® team does whatever it takes so that we bring maximum value to your operation. We work with you – and for you – so you have all that you need to succeed. That’s just the kind of underwriter support we deliver.

Everything we do is done with the goal of strengthening our partnership, and we promise to always be accessible to you. We’re truly in this together.

It doesn’t matter where you’re located—you deserve underwriting partners who understand your local and state landscapes and are dedicated to helping you succeed in whatever way needed. It is FNF®’s commitment that each of our employees have a superior level of understanding of how agents in their market work and what they need.

We’re here to enhance your customers' experience through personal interaction, unique educational opportunities, valuable industry tools and our diverse people network. Whatever you need from us, we’re here to give it to you.

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FNF® offers unmatched protection for residential and commercial properties with the largest claims reserves in the industry. Our financial strength and claims-paying ability are second to none for the security of our policyholders. Our reserve for claim losses is larger than that of any competitor, and our highly liquid investment portfolio — the largest in the industry — provides our policyholders with even greater protection.

Our financial strength, combined with a nationwide network of knowledgeable attorneys and title, escrow and closing professionals, along with an unwavering commitment to fighting fraud, have earned FNF national recognition as one of America’s most financially sound, best managed and most admired companies.

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