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Earnest Money Deposits Partner List

Bank Shot

Bank Shot is the patented mobile solution that allows title companies and escrow agents to remotely receive and control earnest money (or any check) directly from a smartphone.
  • Hold, deposit, or refuse the check in the portal. You are in control using our unique “stoplight” process.
  • Remotely deposit checks in multiple accounts at multiple banks.
  • This is not ACH - it’s a mobile deposit. It’s secure, compliant, and safer than a wire.
  • Spend less time matching checks to transactions and reconciling accounts.


ZOCCAM enables real estate professionals and buyers to submit earnest money and contracts to title companies through its secure application using Mobile Remote Deposit Capture.
  • Upon receipt by the title company and its bank, delivery notifications are sent to involved parties.
  • Minimizes risks associated with manual deposits and wire transfers, reducing fraud and increasing transparency.
  • Accessible any time from any location.