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A Stericycle solution, Shred-it is the most recognized secure information destruction provider globally. In 14 countries and in 170 markets, it has become the world-standard for information security and workplace privacy.

Since 1988, Shred-it has developed proprietary technologies, exclusive protocols and practices, and innovative products and services designed exclusively to protect businesses of any size from the ongoing threats and risks of privacy breaches.

Contact Info:
Joe Schwartz, National Manager, Shred-it
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YourDox provides secure, encrypted electronic document delivery and file storage services for title agents.

Agents using our on-line system also receive, at no direct cost:
  • ALTA compliance documentation.
  • A constant connection to past customers.
  • Lifetime leads for future business.

ZIX Email Encryption

Zix protects email in transit, helping title companies meet their regulatory obligations.
  • Policy based email encryption offers seamless encryption by automatically scanning and encrypting emails and attachments that include NPI.
  • ZixMail provides end-to-end encryption to protect emails and attachments with a single click.
  • Zix offers email threat protection to stop malicious attacks via email from coming into your inbox.

Contact Info:
Danielle Gagnon
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