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CINC is the premier lead acquisition and conversion platform empowering agents to grow their business through lead generation and all-in-one CRM. With CINC, agents gain:

  • Access to an exclusive community of 50,000 world-class agents: 200+ annual masterminds, exclusive private events, and proven best practices from industry leading agents and teams.
  • First-class lead generation done for you. CINC is a Google Premier partner and manages $30M in PPC campaigns on behalf of our clients.

Contact Info:
Austin Pilger | Jonathan Brown
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Corefact provides the industry's best response rate direct mail system in America.

  • Providing agents with a complete print marketing center online including best of class marketing materials that are easily ordered and branded with an agent's information.
  • The unique Corefact Home Estimate Map Card combinations generate listing leads, making Corefact the industry's #1 lead generation system

Contact Info:
Jacqueline Broussard
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Corefact | Elite

Corefact Elite is a 12 month automated farming solution to help promote awareness and drive consistent marketing best practices.

  • Our highest performing marketing pieces can save an agent hours of work and put their marketing on "auto pilot".
  • The agent still controls the process but gains a Corefact Elite marketing specialist that will help with the campaign.

Contact Info:
Jacqueline Broussard
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Darryl Turner Corporation

The Darryl Turner Corporation has been serving title agencies in the area of business expansion, sales, marketing, leadership and personal development since 1994.

  • Strategies for market share growth and customer base management.
  • Revenue growth solutions for agencies with or without marketing reps along with building complete solutions.
  • Business coaching for sales, marketing, escrow officer / closers, managers and executive leadership (owners).
  • Lead development services for title agencies.

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Orange Leaf Consulting

OLC has helped leaders to get their entire teams involved in the sales effort and to be excited about business growth. We believe that knowing the customer’s customer is key to success. OLC engages with leadership to integrate an “everybody sells!” mindset into their daily operation through:

  • Speaking Engagements
  • Assessment
  • Coaching/Training for Managers
  • Webinars & Onsite Workshops
  • Strategic Planning
  • Consultative Services

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PalmAgent is the No. 1 solution for real estate agents to provide Buyer payments/closing costs and Seller net sheets.

  • Closing Cost app is fully customized per county and per title agent.
  • Net Sheet app is the simplest yet most comprehensive in the industry.
  • Dashboard tracking and leveraging keeps you a step ahead of the competition.

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Real Geeks

Real Geeks is an all-in-one real estate sales & marketing solution.

  • Highly optimized, easy-to-use websites, designed to generate the highest conversion rate in the industry.
  • Powerful customization tools such as landing pages, market reports, a design editor, a powerful property search, embeddable widgets, an editable CMS and more!
  • Captured leads are automatically sent to the CRM, a full-featured platform to track and nurture leads through the sales cycle.
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Steve Rudolph Coaching

Providing leadership, management and coaching training and development that supports title agencies to:

  • Grow strong workplace cultures that attracts, grows and retains great employees
  • Encourage managers to lead and coach more, and manage less
  • Build high performing title agency teams, that in turn fosters customer loyalty and grow the business

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