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1TRACT protects consumers by eliminating human error during the post-closing process, with no cost to the title agent.

  • Automates follow-up with paid-off mortgage lenders.
  • Measures and scores performance on all title requirements related to ownership and pay-offs.
  • Equips title agents to achieve Best Practices and avoid title insurance claims, E&O risk and lender blacklisting.

CSC Erecording Solutions

CSC provides secure, web-based electronic document recording services nationwide.

  • Digital documents are prepared in accordance with SMART document standards.
  • Open platform technologies integrate easily with existing applications.
  • Agents can track documents and address rejected recordings quickly.


reQuire is an Internet-based lien release tracking and reporting service.

  • reQuire bridges the communication gap between payoff lenders and settlement/escrow agents.
  • We have a 92 percent success rate.
  • Clients pay only if we succeed in obtaining their release documents.


Simplifile’s on-line service connects lenders, settlement agents and counties through the nation’s largest e-recording network.

  • Lenders and settlement agents can securely share real estate documents and transaction details.
  • Requires only a Windows PC, high-speed Internet access, and a scanner.
  • Automates the post-closing process for settlement agents.

Contact Info:
Vicki DiPasquale
800-460-5657 ext. 1070